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Steve Rollert, Bladesmith

Steve has been making knives for over 20 years, starting with a Burr King grinder in the spare bedroom of a duplex in Denver, Colorado in 1980. Steve's interest in knifemaking started while attending Skunk Hollow Blacksmithing School. After graduation Steve sought out Japanese Swordsmith, Kuzan Oda, then in Colorado Springs. Kuzan taught Steve the disciplines of knifemaking necessary to produce knives of enduring quality and value.

Steve has progressed to producing Damascus Steel and hand forging fine blades in his large shop in Keenesburg, CO. He is well known for his quality pattern welded Damascus and his earlier work in cable welded Damascus.

Instructor, Demonstrator

Steve has an eagerness to share his knowledge of knifemaking with anyone interested in learning. There is a constant stream of students passing through his shop in Keenesburg where he teaches all aspects of knifemaking including stock removal, forging, Damascus steel making, heat treating and handle application. He also demonstrates his craft at various events around the state.

Active with the Professional Knifemaker’s Association (PKA), Steve is currently their Education Director. He demonstrates knife forging every year at the PKA’s annual Denver Knife Show. People are drawn to his demonstrations in the parking lot, and then, in turn, they are excited to come to the show and view quality hand made knives.

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